180g green vinyl
13 unique tracks
13 different covers
limited to 300  

Origin and Approach

Digital technologies have always had and will always have an impact on our everyday lives, however the changes nowadays happen at accelerated speed, making us run after our own inventions. Also within the arts modern technology can enhance possibilities that appeared utopian not too long ago, shifting analogue processes and techniques to the background.
Whilst the awareness for our natural and social surroundings appears to fade away, the fascination by a flashing universe full of information, inspiration, entertainment and new ways of communication is enhanced. Our worlds and realities, within our families and work environments keep speeding up at a pace inconceivable some years back from now. We are connected, accelerated and have information served on a silver plate and yet we barely have the time to process what we are confronted with in our everyday lives.

Within the creative circles of Pirate Movie Production people began to imagine a place free of societal norms and obligations, unaffected by the time frames of everyday life, the noise and pollution of the city. A place where one could recollect ones own rhythm alongside nature that would enable and stimulate creative processes.

Encounter with Isolation

Daily work such as cooking, cleaning and doing the dishes is done together, believing in the phrase „the more the merrier“. Suddenly cleaning a pile of dirty dishes becomes a fun and imaginative task. Sharing everything available at the camp also meant respecting and valuing the works and things of the others and thus a very natural and social being together is put into place.
The Isolation Camp is also a melting pot where regional, traditional culture meet and combine with the unfamiliar and new. Encounters of innovation and tradition, analogue and digital, human and nature, outer and inner worlds go together in symbiosis. All of this happens under the thought of respect and curiosity towards others and their works and minds.

Musicians, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, food artists, film makers, sound engineers and calligraphers make up the multi-artistic folks inhabiting the camp. One more eager than the other to share and experiment with their own and the others techniques. Due to this attitude it has been possible to collaborate and create works of calligraphic comic, illustrated fine arts, and fresh trout prepared by a local sushi master. What happens at isolation camp is a reinterpretation of the known.

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